Fun of a Stitch

I invented stitchbombing! Well, I don’t know if I invented it. I was pinspired by this pin from Miss Crosstitch, who calls it “urban cross stitch,” to use the chain-link fence across the street as, well, Aida Negative 900 Kabillion. I plotted it out on graph paper ahead of time, but because of the major difference btw squares and diamonds, I had to re-adjust on the fly and redo a few spots. Just like with smaller-scale cross stitch, it came to life under my hands and took on a life of its own as I got further along.

Everyone who passed on the street was tickled. One guy said “That looks really cool!” A little girl yelled, “Giants!” And yeah, I realize a major-league baseball logo might seem like a lame public-art project, but in my culturally-diverse neighborhood, this crazy team’s logo really is common ground, guaranteed to make everybody happy.

Best part? I got upstairs and peered out my front window, and voila, two hipsters coming up the street took a picture in front of it. I’m still grinning!

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